Market Insights is a grain marketing newsletter designed to help farmers access quick, easy-to-digest, reasonably priced, and up-to-date analysis on grain prices and grain market trends. Get regular, timely access to the expertise you need to make grain marketing decisions that drive your farm's profitability. 

Cost: $495 for an annual subscription

Included in the Market Insights subscription:

  • 2X per DAY: AM/PM Call — An early morning market comment and market closing summary remarks each day in verbal and written format that is sent straight to your smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • 4X DAY: Futures Prices — Updates of futures prices as a text or e-mail.
  • DAILY: Grain Reports Summarizer — A summary and analysis of major U.S. and Canadian grain-related reports on the day of release throughout the year.
  • 2X per WEEK: Weather — Twice weekly overview of major North American near-term and long-range weather during the growing season.
  • WEEKLY: Local Cash Prices — Summary of major commodity futures market changes, as well as basis and cash changes, from four locations across Western Canada each week.
  • WEEKLY: Technical Analysis — An in-depth technical analysis report of the major futures traded commodities.
  • 1X per WEEK: Subscription to the digital AgAdvance Newsletter
  • BI-ANNUALLY: Cost of production analysis and pricing indications including crop power rankings
  • ANNUALLY: Grain Management Software as a part of Trimble Ag Software Licence

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