Cash in on Carbon with Trimble Carbon Credits, Powered by AGRI-TREND

How Does it Work?

Farmers have the opportunity do their part to help in the effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by observing certain standards that reduce CO emissions. In exchange, growers can sell those carbon credits back to regulated industries to ‘offset’ their emissions. 

This means farmers get paid to improve their farm's efficiency, reduce their carbon footprint, and contribute to the overall positive reputation of agriculture.

What are Carbon Credits?

Carbon credits are produced by farmers under several protocols, including the Conservation Cropping (Zero Tillage) and the Nitrogen Oxide Emission Reduction Protocol (NERP) Protocols.

AGRI-TREND helps farmers  provide evidence for the carbon credits they are earning through environmentally sustainable farming practices. We help you work through these steps to ensure that you receive maximum return for your carbon offset credits.

Why Work with a Carbon Coach®?

AGRI-TREND can handle all of your carbon offset needs. Our primary goals include transparency, reliance on proven science, and monetizing sustainability and data for our clients. With 21 successful pools to date, AGRI-TREND has returned millions of dollars to farmers, and boasts a track record of integrity and results.

We are committed to 100% compliant data under governmental regulations. AGRI-TREND is ISO-9001:2015 certified, which means we have a systematic proven process to ensure broad industry compliance and more assurances to our farm clients.

As a part of the AGRI-TREND Network, our carbon team has the agronomic resources to ensure that our processes and methodologies are fully compliant with current standards and protocols. This means our clients get their files completed right the first time around, and get maximum benefit from the program.

Why Should I Act Now?

There's never been a better time to take advantage of carbon offsets. The value of a Carbon Credit increased 50% to $30 per ton at the start of 2018, and is forecasted to rise to $50 by 2022. 

Carbon Credit Value Graph Agri-Trend

In addition, the Government of Alberta recently announced that farmers wishing to generate credits must be registered with a Carbon Credit Company by May 1, 2018. This means the window to register with AGRI-TREND and take advantage of your Carbon Credits is rapidly shrinking.

Ready to Get Started?

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Currently, Carbon Credit programs are only available to growers in Alberta.